We would not be discussing anything related to India vs. Pakistan match in Asia Cup 2022 which was played on Aug 28, 2022. India played well and won it. Nevertheless, Pakistan made the contest very interesting albeit the total score was low – just 1947, oh sorry, 147.

We will talk about the sponsors of the Indian and Pakistani teams. This shows the progress, priorities and direction of the two nations. People must have seen this Byju’s logo on Team India shirts.

Byju’s is a leading multinational educational technology headquartered in Bengaluru, India. The company valued at US$22 billion as of March 2022. Byju Raveendran and Dviya Gokulanah founded it in 2011 and as per the company’s website, they have got over 150+ million registered learners worldwide. Byju’s also has 17 subsidiaries such as Osmo, GeoGebra, Epic. The company has acquired several companies from the US to India to Singapore in the last 10 years of its journey.

Byju’s has won several national (India) and international awards in the last decade. The company is growing with a rapid pace; Byju’s is also the official sponsor of FIFA WORLD CUP QATAR 2022.

Now, talk about one of the main sponsors of Team Pakistan in Asia Cup 2022. The company name is Park View City, it is another Real Estate Developers/Builders in Islamabad/Lahore. People of Pakistan are well aware of several housing societies all over the country such as DHAs, a chain of housing authorities which are launched under the banner of defense housing authorities – managed by army officers retired as well as active; another notorious name is Bahria Town. Well, there are dozens more giants in the real estate sector.

Now, comeback to one of the main sponsors of Pakistan’s Cricket Team, Park View City. They first started their project in Lahore and after its success, now initiated in Islamabad and definitely this would not be the last one. In Asia Cup 2022, viewers must have noticed this logo/wordings on their shirts (back side).

Only buildings, housing authorities and societies would not help any nation in development. Pakistan has not seen any major development in any sector apart from the real estate/housing. In every few weeks, Pakistanis witness a new housing authority or society is being promoted in the media.

In fact, people of Pakistan have got the mindset to invest mostly in the property buying and renting them out or holding it to sell it again at higher prices and the circle goes on. They don’t invest in the IT sector, production, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, etc. The priorities of a government reflects in almost every aspect of a daily life of that country’s people. Today, the only company in Pakistan (IT sector) which is counted in a billion-dollar company is Systems Limited – it has been winning this title since the last three years and perhaps there is no other IT company in Pakistan which can reach that level soon.


Pakistan is lacking far behind India in almost every developmental aspect whether it is education, industries, automobiles and IT. There are several reasons of it such as political, economical, religious, etc. Perhaps the only technology in which Pakistan is better or ahead of India is Pakistan’s nuclear and missile technology. Pakistan has spent billions of dollars in its design, production and enhancement of this technology.

Pakistan has to shift its priorities and increase the focus towards better information technology institutes/colleges or upgrade the existing ones so that the IT graduates of those colleges can compete in the international market. There is no future of a country who does not spend heavily in shifting and promoting information technology. Eventually, you can’t sell a property or building when there is no money left in the hands of people to buy a property.

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