Pakistan EV - Border 1947

Pakistan launched its first locally manufactured electric vehicle on completing 75 years of its independence (August 14th, 2022). The car was developed by the students of the NED University of Engineering and Technology. The Distinguished Innovation, Collaboration & Entrepreneurship (DICE) Foundation, Dice Foundation (a US based non-profit organization) run by a Pakistan expatriate, was the main sponsor behind the first EV. Besides, vehicles chargers are being developed by the Sir Syed University of Engineering and the designing was done by the students of the National College of Arts (NCA).

The peak power of the EV is 80kW (after 8 hours charging) or 108hp and capacity of the battery is 35kWh that can cover up to 210kms – without using air conditioner – the top speed of the car is 120 kmph. The EVs can be booked by public in the late 2024.

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