Terms & Conditions


Border1947 is a blog/platform to share information, news and exchange views. B1947 uses its own produced/generated content and external website links for providing information/news; however, we do not take any responsibility for the authenticity/accuracy of the external news, information, relevancy, etc.


User Guidelines

B1947 encourages users to share their views and comments on our posts in a polite, respectable, legal, and ethical manner. We strictly prohibit, hate speech (any form), vulgar language, spam, disinformation, copyright infringement, pornography, and adult content. Users/readers can share B1947 content on social media and other websites by appropriately acknowledging the source (B1947).


B1947 Rights, Disclaimer and Limitations

Border1947 has the right to delete, edit, or add any post, or block a user at any time. B1947 will not be held responsible or legally responsible for any comment or like or any activity of a user including comments of hatred, disinformation, sensitivity, etc. However, it can be reported via the Contact Us page. We follow a very strict policy against bad/hateful language issues. 


B1947 Data/Content Record

Border1947 keeps a record of content, comments, posts, and other information for some time (no specified date and time – based on B1947 discretion); we don’t take any responsibility for any record/comment of a user to remain saved in our system – it could be deleted as soon it is posted. We will not be held responsible for keeping any information of a user/comment/post or our produced content.


B1947 Copyrights

Border1947 holds the right to all the information presented on the website (produced or generated by B1947) such as text, logos, images, graphics, videos, design, etc. This information or content can’t be published, distributed, modified and transmitted without the prior written consent of B1947.


Noteworthy: Border 1947 has the right to edit, add, or delete the content of the Terms & Conditions without any prior notice.

Last Updated: March 29, 2024

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